Jumping Into The Learning Pit

Hi everyone,
The Dragonfly Class did some brainstorming about why we come to school. After discussing all the ideas we came up with our class purpose…
We come to school to learn and have fun. We meet new people and make friends, as we learn to get along with everyone.

The students have been enjoying some STEM activities, such as making a waterproof basket that would hold an apple and making 3D shapes out of sticks and plasticine. These challenges have been designed to help the students understand the concept of the Learning Pit. As they attempt to design and create we discuss what is happening and how they are feeling. We ask, how did you feel at the beginning? Excited, worried, confused etc. Then when you started how did you feel? I was frustrated because it kept wobbling. I was confused because I didn’t know how to do it. We discuss how these feelings are normal when we are trying something new. I felt happy because I worked with my friend and when it didn’t work we tried another way. etc. So do you think you went into the Learning Pit? How did you get out? The discussions during and after the tasks have the students showing me their understanding of the Learning Pit. They know it’s ok to make mistakes because we can learn from them. They know it is important to have a go, even if you are unsure at first. They know that when they co-operate and collaborate the learning is both fun and productive. So how did you feel in the end? Proud and happy. And that’s how their teacher is feeling too!

This week we are undertaking some student initiative projects based on what has been learned about learning in our first weeks of school. Students have chosen their own projects and will be working on these in class. They came up with some great ideas, so lets see how they go in developing and constructing their projects. I’m excited!

Next week we will begin our literacy groups and I am in need of some parent helpers to work with small groups from 9:30- 11:00 Monday to Thursday. I would ask that, if possible, younger children do not come into class during this time as the group is large already and it can be too distracting during our literacy session. If you are able to help on a regular/semi regular basis that would be fantastic.:) Please let me know which day you would prefer and I can get a little roster happening.

See you at the bbq on Friday afternoon, Gae