It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

I would like to say how proud I am of all the students who attended high school this week. They have coped amazingly with the very wet and mixed up week that we have had. Although the students were very excited and warmly welcomed by the staff and students of Mullum High School, it is nice to be back in our own classroom again. Thank you to the teachers and students of Mullum High for making us feel so welcomed.

We have been learning about the forces of push and pull during science sessions and measurement using centimetres and metres during our maths sessions.  I felt that the best way to assess the children for both key learning areas was through a STEM activity.  Their assessment goal was to create a marble ramp that uses push or pull forces, and where the marble travels 2m or more. We researched the world’s longest marble ramps and brainstormed: the function of ramps, materials, forces used and  common features of ramps.

Today we start measuring how far our marbles travel. We will be recording our measurements on a table and then creating a bar graph to represent the data gathered.  The next step will be composing an information report about our  ramps.