Hooking in your audience

Close your eyes and imagine you are listening to a story. This is not just any story; it is the world’s most boring story ever. No image is being painted in your mind as the narrator’s voice drones on and on. There is nothing there to hook the attention of the reader. You are falling deeper and deeper into the gloom of boredom.

“I wish someone had taught this author to use the three strategies to hook in the reader!” you scream when you can no longer stand the torture.


Luckily, Year 3 are learning all about hooking their readers. This term we are looking at persuasive writing and we are basing our writing on improving our bedrooms in some way. To hook in our audience we use one of the following strategies and here are some examples of the students opening hooks:

  1. Ask a question when composing an introduction to a persuasive text such as,


Do you ever wonder how well I sleep? Well sometimes, my sleep is okay and sometimes I do not sleep. Most of the time with a bunk bed I get scared. I need a small version of your bed please!


  1. Paint a picture when composing an introduction to a persuasive text such as,

Close your eyes and imagine you’re about to go to bed for a peaceful nights slumber. When suddenly you hear me complaining!

  1. Make a bold statement

Being comfortable in your own bedroom is a very important issue for young people…


The Writing Workshops have been an enjoyable process for all of us and I am seeing great improvement in the quality of work.


We have started our Garden Project this week, by investigating the plants that are in our class garden. On Friday, we will be going on a bird safari, to tally the types of birds that visit our school. If the students have, any binoculars that they would like to bring along on Friday that would be great. Our task is to observe, record, graph and write about our class garden and the animals that visit it.

Stay safe