Honey Bees News

Hi Everyone,

What a fantastic two weeks of learning we have had! The class has really settled well into the routine of school and have done a wonderful job in attending every day! It is very tiring coming 5 days a week and even more so when it has been so hot! We have been learning lots about school rules and expectations and how to behave in class so we can focus on our learning. The Honey Bees have been practising their organisation skills in remembering to bring their blue folders to school every day. They are important to remember because they are for our home readers (which need to come every day so we can borrow another one) and any notes that come to and from school. Yesterday I gave out a reading log. Pease keep it in the folder and record each time you read with your child. This helps me to keep track of how many books are being read. We try to reach 100 by the end of the year and have a little party to celebrate.

We have begun learning our sounds. So far we have learnt a and m. it is great to help reinforce these at home by talking about the name of the letter and what sound it makes and then talking about things that start with that sound. Sounds are very important to learn because they help us with reading and learning to write.

See you soon