Honey Bees News

Hi Everyone,

We have been super excited this week for Music in the Valley tomorrow night. So much so we haven’t been able to think of too much else! Gae and I will be running the crystal hunt activity together, so pop over and say hi! On Monday our two week intensive swimming program begins, yes swimming will be everyday! Our lesson is from 10:30 -11:15 and we will be having crunch and sip before we go and lunch when we return. It’s always a good idea to back a little bit of extra food as the children may be a bit more hungry. They also get very very tired. Children need to wear their normal shoes to school but if they own thongs or crocs or sandals, this may be easier for them to wear to the pool. Putting shoes and socks on wet feet can take a bit of time! Also, applying sunscreen at home is helpful however we will have some here at school. An extra bag is a good idea to put in the wet towel and swimmers and don’t forget to hang them out at home each day and label all items! In class we have been learning about different sea creatures and learning how to write facts and information reports. We have also begun our end of year assessment and it is great to see how far the children have come with their learning since the start of the year. They are terrific learners!

See you soon