Honey Bees News

Hi Everyone,

Well, we have been very busy these past few weeks, busy like bees! Our learning is roaring along and it is why this term is one of my favourites. It is the time when a level of independence begins to emerge and confidence is at an all time high. There is a sense of ‘I can do it now’ and that has been very evident recently. We have a strong writing focus this term and this week we begun constructing our own narrative story. This will be completed over a few weeks with a lot of support from our WAGOLL examples (What A Good One Looks Like), interactive writing, jointly constructed stories and by reading lots of quality books to discover what makes a good story. There is a lot of excitement already about what is going to happen in our stories!

All students have been making some excellent progress in their reading as well. This past week has seen some fantastic use of reading strategies at the point of difficulty and some beautiful fluent reading voices are emerging. We are learning to read with fluency and expression and to not let our reading sound like a robot. A good way to remind the children is good reading sounds like talking and we don’t talk like robots (though I’m sure some of the children would love to!)

This past fortnight we have been strengthening our addition and subtraction concepts in Maths. The children have been really engaged in our hands on activities as well as learning to write the sums and learning what a plus and subtraction sign looks like.

As of next week, Kindy and Year 1/2 are going to visit the Library on Wednesdays instead of Thursday. Thursdays were just getting too busy with music lessons and it was hard to find a regular time so all students could attend and borrow and no one was missing out.

Till next time,

Roxy Constable