Honey Bees News

Hi everyone,

This past fortnight we have been super busy little bees! We have been reading really well in our reading groups and we are beginning to use some of our strategies. Two important beginning strategies we have been learning is to look at the picture and to look at the unknown word and the first sounds you can see and make those sounds. It is a little tricky for some of the children who are still learning their sounds. So if you are reading with them, please help by making the sounds and stretching out the word so they can hear all the sounds in the word. Another way to help with their reading is to keep learning the useful words. It seems some children have not been practising as often and they are forgetting words they have already ‘learnt’, so it’s a great idea to go back to the beginning words to keep them known.

We have also begun learning how to write sentences by ourselves. This is where the useful words also help with writing. We have been focusing on writing what we hear in unknown words as well as basic sentence punctuation, capital letters, full stops and we are learning why spaces between words are so important! (So we can actually re-read it)! The children have really embraced this new learning and are doing a fantastic job!

See you all soon!