History Can Teach Us Alot.

Welcome back to week two Term 4.

We have started our integrated literacy and history unit, “Families Past and Present.” We have been researching about the past. Zerai will tell you all about it:

  1. We have been writing a diary about Sam, who was a convict child. He stole a coat to keep warm. We have been watching clips of Sam’s life. It looked like it was a bad life. All Sam had to eat was damper and goats milk. We saw him milk the goat.


  1. We have been doing art with Ms Pav. It looks beautiful.


  1. We are excited about Music in the Valley on Friday night.


  1. We have also been ‘Artefact Detectives’ by examining pictures of historical artefacts and try to guess what the object is.


By Zerai