Hello Again!

Hello.  I am well and truly back from my lovely visit to China.  I must admit I suffered from jet lag which is  surprising as there was only a three hour time difference.

My return was met with a lovely hand made bouquet of flowers with many lovely messages.

A big thank you to Michelle for the great job she did (and is still doing on Fridays) while I was away.

We are currently looking at areas of maths which needing improving as well as writing narratives and proofreading our work and correcting our errors.  All other key learning areas seem to be progressing nicely.

Our proposed “Mexico Party” is looking like it might not happen due to the unsettled classroom behaviour but maybe after swimming school, things will return to normal and so will the behaviour.  I live in hope.

It is important for students to realise the last four to five weeks of school are just as important as the first four to five in learning, listening and application.  School holidays are coming…but they are not here yet!

Until next time…