Happy Holidays!

Hi Everyone,

What a year the Kindy Waratahs have had!!! We sat on the floor today and reflected on all the things we have learnt and done over the year, and guess what? We ran out of room on the whiteboard!! All the students loved school camp! They enjoyed the art/ craft activities, particularly pottery, making snow globes and painting. Music in the Valley was another big hit as were the tornadoes in a jar!  We loved having our parent helpers at school helping with reading, canteen and craft days.  The children loved learning music with Kathy and Joanne and what fantastic readers, writers, number wizards and word champs the Waratahs have become!

The children have come so far with their learning since the start of the year and all I can say is I’m impressed! They have consistently been persistent with their work, behaviour and attitude. Their confidence has grown. The positive self-talk I hear when things aren’t going their way is amazing. It’s been wonderful seeing them organise themselves, their stuff and on the odd occasion organising me! They are respectful to themselves and to their friends; they have learnt to get along really well.

The Kindy Waratahs are a lovely group of children and like I mentioned last week, it has been an honour and a privilege to teach them this year…their first year at ‘big’ school. Parents, thank you for all your support this year it has been greatly appreciated. The relationships I have formed with you and your children will always have a special place in my heart.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a relaxing holiday!

Thanks again.

Love Mrs Constable x