Happy Easter Honey Bees!

Hi Everyone,

The end of term is fast approaching and the long weekend has come at the right time! Hopefully we will all re-energise enough to see us through the last two weeks!

Our reading groups have made great progress these past few weeks and lots of the children are starting to use some of their reading strategies at the point of difficulty. We have been focusing on looking at the words to see what sound is at the beginning rather than just guessing. The books are still fairly repetitive but are also starting to change in structure where the children can’t just rely on their memory.

As the children learn their useful/ sight words they are starting to recognise and read them fluently in their books. The Useful words need to keep being practised regularly for them to become known words. A known word is when the children can read it to me immediately, not hesitate and sound out. Please keep supporting your child to learn the words, first with reading them and then with writing.

I hope you all have a happy and safe easter! I’ll see you back at school on Tuesday!