Ghost Gums Parent Information

Welcome all parents and guardians to 2019 Ghost Gums. Thank you for attending the information meeting this afternoon.

This year we have 27 students in our class and we plan to have lots of fun while learning. Mrs Peenz teaches Monday, Tuesday and alternate Wednesdays and Mrs Bettison teaches alternate Wednesdays, Thursday and Fridays.

Below are some of the highlights we are planning for the year.

Science: In science we are planning a unit on magnets and we will be completing some project based learning around magnets.

History: We will be learning about the first arrivals to Australia and first sleet.

Maths Number: Mrs Bettison will be doing number strands on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and Mrs Peenz will be doing Measurement and Geometry on a Monday and Tuesday.

We are also learning our times tables by travelling to Japan – once we get to our destination we have a class party and learn more about the country we are travelling to.

CAPPA: This term we will be doing a study on pointillism and studying Georges Serat.

Class Banking: Our class is set up on a banking system. The students can bank class dollars for various things such as wearing their school uniform, reading books, good work, sport achievements, great day prizes, and more. However they may need to pay a bill from time to time for certain things like going to the toilet during class time (we do give them numerous times during the day to make use of free toilet times), rocking on your chair, or misusing equipment. At the end of term we open our class shop for students to spend their dollars

Class set up: We try to set up the class with mixed groups. So far we have allowed students to pick their own seats but in future we will be encouraging them to move out of their comfort groups and mix with others in the class. This helps students to get to know and work with different people.

Group work: We do many activities that require group work in the class. We will be working on a few projects this year and working well in a group is essential.

Communication: we are always encouraging students to come and speak to us if they are unhappy about anything in the classroom. We would like to encourage parents to do the same. Our door is always open and we would like to encourage parents to come talk to us or email us (email address below) if you would like to discuss anything happening in class.

Kindness on Purpose: as you already know we are a kindness on purpose school and within the classroom we have set up a place where students can show their feelings. We have noticed a trend where many students are coming to school tired. Kids in stage 2 require at least 8-10 hours of sleep to function properly at school. We encourage all students to get enough sleep each night.

Kind Regards

Mrs Michelle Peenz (

Mrs Amanda Bettison