Genius Hour

The students have been really engaged with their science fair projects this fortnight. It’s fantastic to see such a range of experiments and to witness the excitement when the results come through. Groups growing bacteria have experienced the importance of hygiene and the effectiveness of different cleaning products, while other groups have tested how well different fertilisers work. In the process, the students have learnt about the scientific method and what constitutes a fair test. They have reflected on how their experiments could be improved and what the implications of their results might be.

Well done to all the students who showed the initiative to sell the products of their Genius Hour projects at the Old and Gold festival last weekend. Most notably, Yashi, Sonny and Taj, who single-handedly raised more than enough money to purchase a Buddy Bench for our school. This was an act of kindness devised by our class earlier in the year in collaboration with Mullum Mens’ Shed and was intended to be a whole class fundraising endeavour. We never expected to achieve our goal so quickly and it will allow other groups’ funds to be channelled into other worthwhile projects. Thanks boys!

In maths, we have carried on our exploration of fractions, decimals and percentages by investigating how chance events can be expressed as a number between 1 and 0.

A note was sent home regarding parent teacher interview times last week. I look forward to meeting everyone to discuss their child’s learning. If you are unable to make the times provided, feel free to organise a more convenient time with me. You can call the school or email me at .