In maths this week we have been reviewing mixed numbers and how to add and subtract fractions. We played a game where students had a pool of eighths and rolled a dice to form wholes. They had to track their progress on paper by completing addition problems. When all the fractions in the kitty were exhausted, the students were able to steal others’ pieces. So while one student was practising the addition of fractions, the other was practising their subtraction strategies. We then added some sixteenths into the mix and the students had to find a way to record their totals when the denominators were dissimilar.

In English we continue to look for ways to improve our expression. This week we looked at how balancing long sentences with short sentences can create a rhythm to our writing that affects its pace. We also looked at ways to begin sentences with words other than pronouns and articles and explored how this changed both the length and the effect of our work.

It is our last week with our robotics equipment so the students have been powering along to ready their robots for our final sumo battle.

Our school film is almost complete – we just need to add the film score, which Barry Pheloung has agreed to help us compose – we are extremely fortunate to have such expertise among our community and I can’t wait to see how a professional movie musician approaches the task.