Fine Tuning Literacy Groups In The Dragonflies

Hi everyone,
Thanks to all the parents who were able to make it to the parent information session last Thursday afternoon. It was good to connect with you and discuss what happens in the Dragonflies classroom.I am sending home the notes for those who were unable to attend.

I have been fine tuning our morning literacy groups this week. We now have 5 groups as there were too many students in some and their levels were too varied to work as a cohesive group.
It is during this time I need parent helpers. So I thought I would explain how helpers can aid the students in these group activities.

1. Guided Reading is with Ms Jansen. It’s the ‘engine room’ and all the other activities need to operate out side of this and be independent (as much as possible). In Guided Reading I work with the students at their reading levels.
2. Computer- students work on Reading Eggs program and may require help logging in but are generally quite independent. When we have an able parent to assist we will be able to do some publishing and word processing.
3. Handwriting- students are using their new handwriting books and may need reminding of correct letter formation, size and where to write witin the guidelines etc. Please remind them to take their time and do their neatest work.
4. Writing- Students may need help to locate words on their word cards and in word books. You can write new words in the word books for them. You can also have them read their writing to you. Encourage neat writing.
5. Spelling- Students are working on activities around word families and may need help following directions.

It really helps the group reading with me when the rest of the class are working quietly so its great to remind them to stay on task and be focused on their activity.

Literacy groups begin around 9:40-11:00 each day from Monday to Thursday.
Thanks, Gae