Final Blog for Term 2!

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for attending the parent/teacher interviews last week. It was great to connect with you all about your child and their learning. If you didn’t manage to make it and would like to catch up, just let the office know and we can make a convenient time.

It has been a super busy term (as always) and we have now reached the half way mark, but we still aren’t slowing down! Next Tuesday we will be learning about Robotics and it is always a fun and engaging lesson. It is very hands on and the children will really enjoy it. Wednesday is the sports carnival down at Ewingsdale. This is a whole school activity so no-one will be at school if you are not attending. School reports will also come home at the end of next week.

I hope you all have a fantastic holiday and we’ll see you next term!

Roxy Constable