The students have completed the treatment and script for our school film and today we begin auditions for the cast. It’s always exciting to see who gets what role and there is a part for everyone. We always remind the students that dialogue is only a small part of acting, particularly in a film and sometimes the standout performances are the roles with no speaking at all. Next week we will begin story-boarding the film before commencing the shooting. Thanks, Sharon!

In English we have been thoroughly exploring what a sentence is, which will assist us with accurate punctuation – in particular, the use of commas to separate clauses. We have also been experimenting with composing procedural texts, which will be an essential skill for our science projects.

All the students have commenced work on their projects for our science fair next term. We have a diverse range of experiments, ranging from growth of mould and bacteria to testing the ignition temperatures of different fabrics.

In maths, we have continued investigating operations with decimal numbers and the conversion of fractions to decimals and percentages. Next week we will move on to how to calculate percentages of prices, which will be valuable for students who have been creating small businesses for their Genius Hour projects, as well as being a practical life skill.

We have our snow excursion next term and I am happy to set up a meeting to discuss the finer details with interested parents. Please let me know if you would be interested in attending a meeting.