This week, the Ironbarks commenced work on our new class film. Sharan Shostak is leading the project and today we started brainstorming possible storylines. We have a few vague concepts but they need a lot of refining. Over the next few terms, Sharon will come in every Thursday to facilitate the project. The students will decide on the story, compose a treatment, create a storyboard, shoot the film and then edit it to produce a high quality film. It is a fantastic learning experience and I feel privileged to be involved with it each year!

The students have had their first day of class presentations on their country projects. Taj started us off with an incredible presentation  on Cambodia that set a very high standard for the rest of the class. The feedback the students have been giving each other is very insightful as well. My main ambition for this project is that students manage their time effectively to complete their work and that they have a go at speaking in front of the class. Our feedback will help them refine their work throughout the year.

In maths, we have been looking at division. Some students are learning mental strategies for solving division problems with a single digit divisor and other with a two digit divisor.

Our robotics kits have to be passed on next term so we have been completing the sumo robot challenge we began with year 5 and 6 last year. It’s been lots of fun and it’s great to see how quickly the students adapt to new technology, particularly the year 4 students who are new to the process.