This term, the class has been investigating what an excellent short story looks like. We have been planning our own stories and experimenting with how to effectively develop tension and resolve them in a satisfying way. Students are working on a single story now and over the next few weeks they will refine and edit them to ensure they are of a publishable standard. All the stories that reach the standard will be published in our school book and those which demonstrate excellence will be selected to feature in our VoSS creative writing book.
In science we have been experimenting with the forces of flight. We looked at the opposing forces of thrust and air resistance by creating stomp rockets. This involved exercising our measurement skills as the students tested the optimum angle to launch their rocket the greatest distance. We also calculated the mean distance for each angle.
We have been shooting our school film as well. Next week, we shoot the whole school evacuation scene and on the Monday of week 7, the students will travel to South Golden beach to shoot an excursion scene. We welcome any parents who are free that day to come along and enjoy the experience.