Kindy Class News

Hi Everyone,

Well we have come to the end of another fantastic term of learning and boy has it been a busy one! I thought a nice way to end it would be for the children to share something that they have learnt this term.

Cosmo -I have really enjoyed learning about bees and doing different bee craft.

Eden- I like practising my counting when we play the game ZAP.

Evie Mae- I enjoyed drawing and painting my Mt Chincogan landscape picture.

Gelis- I have enjoyed art and writing and meeting new friends.

Jesse- I enjoyed making the bees and learning about them.

Kahlan- I learnt that bees collect pollen.

Kirra- I am proud of writing my sentence about Cecil.

Leif- I have learnt how to play addition wars and I am proud of my story about Cecil.

Liam- I learnt that when I listen to music I can draw.

Lu-shen- I like ZAP because it helps me to count.

Marli- I learnt that the queen bee makes babies.

Oscar- I learnt that bees die after they sting you.

I hope you all have a really nice holiday break and I’ll see you next term.