Embracing and Realising Future Learning Opportunities

What an exciting and motivating few days Ms Jansen and I have had visiting Stonefields School and other schools in Auckland this week.

It was inspiring to visit such forward thinking schools that creatively use modern, open learning environments that ensures learning is a social, open, engaging and real experience for the students.

Learning is our Core Business

It was heartening to see that Stonefields School, like Main Arm School is committed to delivering on its core the business of ‘learning’ for life. Main Arm is a place that is dedicated to building the necessary knowledge and competencies for students to thrive and succeed in learning and life.

We witnessed best practices in teaching, learning and leadership where learning is visible through the eyes of teachers and students. Stonefields School is definitely a leader worldwide with their innovative practices.

At Stonefields we witnessed learning progressions displayed in ‘learner friendly’ language to help learners know, ” how am I going?, where am I going? and where to next?” By making learning and progress visible, for both our students and their parents everyone is empowered.

Our three year strategic directions are focused in making learning visible for everyone. This will ensure our student’s will continue to have a strong voice in their learning,

Our task now is to share our learning from this visit with the rest of staff at Main Arm so that we can continue to plan and set achievable targets for our Visible Learning journey to continue to strengthen and grow.

Have a fantastic weekend immersing yourself in some rich, deep and fun learning! I have and it feels wonderful!