We have a strong focus on editing our writing this term. Our students seem to score well on their spelling and grammar assessments but they don’t always carry this knowledge through to their written work. We have established a routine that explores how editing involves more than just correcting errors – it means searching for ways our writing can be enhanced. The students have been following steps, beginning with ensuring every sentence is punctuated correctly through to improving our vocabulary, varying our sentence beginnings and adding sophisticated adjectives and adverbs.

We begin with a sentence a day program, where we compose increasingly complex sentences and analyse them identify the verbs, subjects and objects. This helps the students detect exactly where there sentences should end. We then use a visual stimulus to compose a short piece of writing and follow the steps in our editing process to make it as correct and as effective as we can.

In maths we have been learning how to use a bar model to solve more complex word problems involving division, multiplication, fractions and algebra. The model encourages students to use diagrams to structure their thinking mathematically and functions both as a thinking and a communication tool. Using diagrams to solve problems has been a major focus for us in maths this year.

The students are making excellent progress with the construction of their robots and most students are creating workable programs.

Our school film and play are also progressing well.