Dragonflies News

Hi everyone,
Welcome back to Term 3. I hope you all enjoyed the school holidays. I certainly did! It’s always good to recharge the batteries and be ready for another busy term.
This term we are looking at narratives or stories. We will be reading and viewing lots of stories. We will explore things like characterization, audience, story structures and how illustrations can enhance stories. If the children have any favourite stories at home they would like to bring along to share with the class that would be fantastic. We will also be writing lots of stories too. Our aim is to work with the other VOSS local schools to produce a book of the children stories, which is pretty exciting!

Yesterday our Year 6 students were busy organising groups for the morning fitness session.We are all looking forward to participating in the games and activities each morning.

We welcome Francesca, a new Year 2 student, this week, who has moved to Main Arm from Victoria. We are also expecting Rahiti in Year 1 to return to Main Arm next week. We know you will love learning at Main Arm.

Until next time, Gae :)