Dragonflies Getting Into Maps

Hi everyone,
Our geography unit, People and Places, sees us investigating the world of maps. The first map we drew was of the school and creek area. This week we are creating a treasure island map, complete with a trail and X marks the spot where the treasure is buried. After this we will merge these two concepts to try and create a treasure map of our school grounds. We will see if we can draw the map, give directions and follow directions to find a hidden treasure.
In maths we are building on our knowledge of addition and subtraction looking at fact families and inverse operations. So if we know 1 fact, say 3+7=10 we automatically know 3 more facts, 7+3=10 (the turn around fact) and the inverse operations (operations that undo one another) 10-3=7 and 10-7=3. We call this group of facts a fact family.
We are also doing assessments for our upcoming reporting and interviews at the end of the term. So it is a very busy time of the year. Much of our assessment in the younger grades needs to be done one on one with teacher and student, so as you can imagine it is a very time consuming procedure.
Until next time, Gae