Dragonflies Class News

Hi everyone,
The Fry Sight Word List contains the most used words in reading and writing. These words are words that students must instantly recognize by sight in order to build their reading fluency. Research shows that children who learn these words become more successful readers.
This week all the children were tested on their sight word knowledge. Your child’s first list was sent home this week in a book, along with flashcards that can be cut out and posted around your home to practice or used to flash and read. Please practice these words in random order each night so that your child does not simply memorize the order of the words but rather learns the words by sight.
When your child can easily read (automatically and fluently) all of the words on the list, sign the bottom of the list and return it to school in your child’s home reading folder. I will have your child read the words to me and if they are successful, a new list will be sent home. Most of year 1 are focusing on reading the sight words with a couple of exceptions who already have great sight word knowledge. They, along with the Year 2 students, will be learning to spell the words. Every child is asked to practice writing the words in their book next to their list.
By the time you are reading this we will have been on our excursion to the Mullumbimby Museum. Please be sure to ask your child about what they saw and learned about life in the past. The children will be asked to deliver a short talk about something from the past over the next few weeks. So have a think about helping them to choose an object from the past. You may have something suitable that could be brought in to show the class or else find a picture. I had an old spray bottle and we played guess what this is, which was a lot of fun.

Finally, thank you so much to all those parents and grandparents who have been coming in to help with our literacy groups. They are really beginning to run smoothly now. I am trying hard to keep on top of the children’s reading levels and was pleased to have many go up a level or more this week. If you find you are having difficulty with helping them read at home come and see me and I can go over the reading strategies we use in class.

thanks, Gae