Dragonflies Class News

Hi everyone,
Well, didn’t we have fun on our camp at Evans Head. Thankyou so much to the parents who were able to come along because without your support we would not be able to take the younger students to camp. For those who were not able to come along this year never fear, we are already thinking about next year’s camp at the beautiful Tyalgum Ridge!
We are making connections with text in the Dragonflies class at the moment. When we read, we think. We think…oh, that reminds me of… We make connections in our mind with other texts we’ve read (text to text), with things we’ve done (text to self) with things around us (text to world) or things we’ve seen on tv or movies etc (text to media). Making these text connections helps students to better understand what they are reading. So as you listen to them read or talk about their books point out any text connections that come to mind and ask them….Does that remind you of anything? Remember when….. It also works the other way. When you do something or go somewhere you might be reminded of an event from a story you have read. When planting beans I thought to myself “I hope these don’t grow as tall as Jack’s” :)
We continued to build arrays to help our understanding of multiplication concepts last week and now we are looking at fractions. We made paper pizzas and divided them into quarters and discussed the different toppings on the quarters and halves. (some pizzas were divided into sixths for a challenge) You can discuss fractions when you are cutting up pies or fruit etc.to build real world knowledge into maths, but fractions need to be equal parts.
Remember that library is now on Wednesday afternoons.
Have a wonderful week and remember that being kind doesn’t cost a thing and yet gives so much to those around you. Thanks to all who have found some time to help out over this term. It is much appreciated.
Cheers Gae