Discovery Day

On Monday, most of our students took the opportunity to engage with the Science and Engineering Discovery Day at SCU. Students were placed into teams and competed to complete a diverse range of STEM focused activities. Students were challenged to construct bridges, towers and artificial hands. Some students had to design suspension systems for a Mars buggy and others had to co-ordinate electricity supplies to power a city. Groups were involved in creating codes to transmit through fibre-optic cables and some had to design furniture. It was a fantastic day and I was very impressed at the levels of team work, enthusiasm and sportsmanship displayed.

In English we have been looking at how to punctuate sentences with embedded clauses and in maths we have been exploring how to assign a numerical value to the probability of an event occurring.

The class has also been designing an anti-bullying campaign for our school. We have looked at the results of a survey we constructed and have begun to brainstorm possible solutions to this complex problem.

Parent interviews are on this Friday. There are many spaces left if you haven’t booked one. If you are unable to make it, please feel free to contact me to arrange a more convenient time to discuss your child’s learning.