Celebrating Learning

The “Being a Lifelong learner” message, came out very clearly on our parent feedback forms. This is wonderful, it is what our staff believe as well.

It is one of our core values. Next year we will continue to extend on these beliefs. We believe in the importance of having a commitment to learning for life but we also want our students to know “What is a good learner?”

Our visit over to Auckland has prompted our staff to have many discussions over the last few weeks about Visible Learning strategies. Especially how best we can embed these strategies into our school. We all know that learning for life is an essential element for an enriched and satisfying life.

Our goal is to make our student’s learning visible so that they have the tools, thinking and growth mindset to be the happy life long learners we wish them to be. Our Visible learning will build on this further.

Over the next couple of years our goals are very clear:-

All members of our school community are assessment-capable learners • I know what to do when I don’t know what to do • I Know where I am, how I am doing and where I am going next

All members of our school community are self-evaluators • I know how I am doing, where I am going next and how I am going to get there • I see assessment as feedback to me

All members of our school community are effective collaborators and communicators

All members of our school community have a growth mindset

Over the next few weeks our staff will be planning further to ensure we have systems in place to develop growth mindsets so that our students continue to be better collaborators, communicators, self evaluators and assessment capable learners.

Main Arm School continues to be a school where we not only model the learning process with our students but celebrate it as well. Throughout the year we have practised and learnt many new skills – through school visits, professional development courses, our own school visible learning journey and our technology use through collaboration tools.

In whatever categories we may fit – as student, employee, leader, curious-amateur, passionate enthusiast – the learning sticks when it fits, both for us and the context.

Our learning Awards assembly tomorrow will of course celebrate the journey of learning for all, which entails the continual practise, persistence and growth mindset of learning. At main Arm this is what we value – learning for life so why not celebrate the wonderful learning achievements of all our students.

Tomorrow is all about honouring, nurturing and supporting that love for learning for our precious students. Why? So that all our students continue to learn, not just some! The message tomorrow for our students will be – We are proud of your learning efforts and we want you to keep improving and growing through our YCDI foundations and growth mindset attitude.

I urge all of you to continue to practise our YCDI foundations ( persistence, resilience, organisation, confidence and resilience) whenever you can.

At Main Arm School we understand the need to have a learning environment that encourages all of us to be lifelong learners – wherever – whenever – whatever! Tomorrow will be one of the ways we provide this for our students.

Have a wonderful weekend and looking forward to seeing all of you tomorrow celebrating the magical learning of our students for 2015!