Busy Bees

Busy as Bees

Taking notes is an important skill for literacy. It enables students to develop their reading, writing and listening skills. Note taking also builds concentration. During our information unit we have been mastering the art of taking notes. The units theme is ‘Bees’ which will lead into next week when our guest speaker will talk about our wonderful hives that we have at our school. We have been very busy during the last three weeks (just like our worker bee friends) planning, researching and composing information reports of bees.

Mrs E Makes Mistakes

Part of the students’ research was to investigate, describe and illustrate the life cycle of the bee. They were sent home with their task and the majority have handed it back in. As the children eagerly pointed out to me yesterday I MADE A SPELLING MISTAKE. I was going to claim that it was on purpose “I did that to see if you were really reading the task and being observant” but I didn’t, I claimed my mistake. Owning the mistakes that we make, is a tough thing to do sometimes, learning from them can be even harder. This is a You Can Do It concept that we are working on in class, own it, discuss it and learn from it. That was the process that we did for my mistake and the outcome was expressed so elegantly by one child, “well you need to go to bed earlier and do it in the morning.”

Challenging ourselves

We have set ourselves a challenge of learning the 200 sight words for Stage 1 before the end of the term. If we can achieve this goal we will be having a SLIM PARTY, as you do whenever you reach a goal. The children have been given their list and they can learn them in any way they like. I have recommended to the children to work SMART not HARD. They know a lot of the words already so they don’t have to learn what they already know and chunking the 200 words up into smaller groups is also a smart way to go.


Don’t forget that camp is next week, Thursday. Students have taken home a note listing the items that they need to bring.

Stay safe

Mrs E