Buddy Collector Cards

Good morning everyone,

Michelle and I will be taking turns with the blogging and as we report every fortnight now, I will be communicating about once a month.

As Michelle wrote last week, we have finished our ‘Learning How to Learn’ sessions and have madly (at least with me-the mad part) settled down to our classroom routine.

We enjoyed seeing several parents at the class meeting last Thursday and we gave a quick rundown on what was going to be covered during the first term.

I have handed out several booklets of work and we are well on our way in visual spelling, reading comprehension with social problem solving, summary writing and in history:  Ned Kelly-Hero or Villain.

Along with banking and dojo points, we are also making collector cards about ourselves and “trading” them every time we work with someone new.  This is an opportunity for the students to work with different people on different tasks instead of always teaming up with their favourites.

Yesterday, we completed our first set of cards complete with photo ID (thanks Renee).  Each time a student works with a partner, he/she swaps cards after the lesson, but first writes down the activity, date and a quick reflection on how the partnership went.  The goal is to collect every card in the classroom and then bank $250. for the first term.  It is not as easy as it sounds as students work on a variety of levels and it is not always easy to find someone working on the same task and the same page.

As Tristan will be leaving us at the end of March, he is a ‘hot’ card to try to collect because once he is gone and you did not work with him, your set will not be complete and you cannot collect the money.

This will encourage greater interaction in the classroom and it has also been fun designing the cards and the equipment to store and display them as well.

Until next month…