Bottlebrush Science News

Dear Families,

Next term we will be embarking on an exciting science journey that links science with literacy and social studies. The unit is called “Living Things and Their Needs”. The focus texts will be Uno’s Garden by Graeme Base and The Window by Jeannie Baker.

This unit provides opportunities for students to explore the needs of plants and other living things for food, shelter and how built and natural environments can provide this. We will be exploring the ways people interact with their environments to satisfy their needs.

The major assessment tasks will be:

*Design your own cubby house, keeping in mind the sustainable theme.

*What are the need of plants?

To complete these tasks we will need supplies such as:

Toilet rolls, paper towel rolls, small containers, craft supplies, shoe boxes or small boxes the size of a shoe box (the children will need 2 of these boxes each).

We will start using the items from Week 2 Term 2.

Have a great Easter Holidays!

Thank you

Tracy Esau