This week we began a study of Tim Winton’s novel Blueback. The students were divided into reading groups and have to respond in various ways to each chapter. Some groups will work their way through independently and some will be given greater support. The novel focusses heavily on issues of sustainability and fits in well with our science and geography unit. Today the students went through the chapters they had read to highlight the imagery that Winton uses to describe Blueback. They used these descriptions to sketch a picture of the fish. We will use their art works to compose a descriptive paragraph using different language.

In maths the class demonstrated their knowledge of how to use a protractor by engaging in an angles scavenger hunt. They used Ipads to photograph and angles of specific sizes around the school and used an app to show the measurements.

For the next two days I will be attending a mandatory course on how to deliver NAPLAN tests online so it was my last opportunity to see the students before they depart for the snow excursion. I have spent each morning this week clarifying expectations and answering questions about our trip so I am certain the students are well prepared. Although phone reception is limited at the snow, I will contact the school each evening to provide updates and photos of all the fun we’re having. If you want to contact me, a text message works best as we fall in and our of range. My number is 0437330095.