As part of sustainability unit, the Flame Trees have been exploring the relationship between bees and food production. The students read a number of article on Colony Collapse Disorder, where bees mysteriously fail to return to there hive and we looked at the wider impact this could have on society. We read a number of articles suggesting reasons for the decline in bee populations and, as our research continues, we will make our own conjectures as to possible causes. Some of the texts we were reading were quite challenging but the students were adept in their interpretations and demonstrated it by communicating the key points to the class.

Today we created a table to track bee numbers in a healthy hive over 5 years and compared it to a collapsing hive. The task required us to calculate percentages of large numbers and involved some challenging addition, subtraction and multiplication. Tomorrow we will compose a line graph to represent the trends we observe.

In maths we have also been exploring the properties of triangles and we used paper cut outs to discover the formula for calculating the area of a triangle.