Bee Condos


I think everyone survived camp but we certainly have had a lot of absences this week.  The class size has averaged about 14 so far.  It seems to be a tummy bug and head cold that is affecting most people.  I hope we will be back to the normal size by next week.

As a STEM activity, we are constructing bee condominiums out of cardboard tubes and paper straws.  I have asked the students to bring in toilet roll cylinders, aluminium and cling wrap cylinders as well as paper straws- if possible.  The response has not been good so I am asking you to see if any of the items are lying around or if possible to contribute $2 so I can purchase several packs of paper straws and we can construct the cylinders ourselves.

It will be interesting to see the response as I think only about three people read this blog so I guess I should expect around $6!  We’ll see.

We have rearranged the room into two large tables and are now attempting to work and get along in larger groups.  The tables are the North Korean Unicorns and the Russian Federation.  This time it is a “winner takes all” point situation so each group is really trying to work together and rack up those important points.

Most of the picture books on the theme:  “Breakfast Adventures” have been completed.  Hopefully, we will read these to year one sometime soon.  Now we need to get our plays finalised and performed so we can focus on our informative project.

So, that is about it for week 5.  Until next time…