become program

This term, year 6 are participating in a program called BECOME.ME. It is an interactive program designed to teach young people the adaptive skills and curiosity they’ll need to explore, design and navigate the fast changing world of work. It isn’t designed to direct them to particular occupations but to inspire them:

  • •to reflect on their unique and evolving strengths, interests and aspirations.
  • •to broadly explore the dynamic, exciting world of work, recognising and breaking free of gender and social stereotypes.
  • •to use their creative and adaptive skills to bring these two worlds together to come up with positive future possibilities for themselves.
  • •to become more inspired learners today as well as improving longer term academic and career outcomes.

The students engage in designing an on-going project about themselves. We are using virtual reality headsets to present our projects and look forward to inviting you to explore our presentations towards the end of term.