Banksia Class News

Hi everyone,

It’s great to be back after such a long absence with illness. Well done to the banksias for using their You Can Do It skills to adapt to having different teachers and routines. I am so proud of them all.

On Monday we had a visit from Leoni and her dog Molly from the Responsible Pet Owners Program. Molly was a gorgeous little dog who helped us to learn about being safe around dogs. We all know it is important to ask the owner for permission to pat their dog.

We are learning about insects for the rest of the term. We are asking the focus question…Why are insects so important for life on Earth?

We are studying fiction and non fiction texts. Gathering lots of factual information but also enjoying lots of stories with insect characters. We are also studying author and artist, Eric Carle. if you have any of his books at home we would love to borrow them for the classroom.

Cheers, Gae