Banksia Class News

Hi everyone,

Excitement is mounting over the school camp next week. A list to help with packing has been sent home. Please write names on the tags of all clothing items. The activities planned sound like a lot of fun. Remember to have strong walking shoes and clothes which are ok to get a bit dirty. Remember it is camp and not a dress up party. Bring your”Green light thinking” and your Getting Along Skills and you will be sure to have the time of your life!

We have been playing some maths games with playing cards this week. Some groups have played Memory with the Friends Of Ten, others have played 14 or 24. In these games you turn cards over and add them. The person who adds the number to get the 14 (or 24) wins the cards. If the total goes over then you subtract. It’s fairly tricky and the Banksias did really well, using number lines when they need to. Ask your child to teach you the game they played. We are also learning about division and graphs and used some M&Ms to help us. My favourite lesson! That’s it for the treaties now, I promise.

We concluded our Dreamtime Story unit by writing our own legends of How The Birds Got Their Colours. They were all so interesting with the different ideas for giving the birds their colours. We may publish these stories and make a class book. Our new topic is all about bees.

Cheers, Gae