Banksia Class News

Hi everyone,

Welcome to term 3. It’s great to be back after my whirlwind tour of the top-end. What an amazing country we live in – so diverse. I travelled through the deserts to the northern coast in Arnhem Land and back across the gulf to tropical Cairns. I hope everyone received their postcards.

In class this fortnight we have been looking at Aboriginal Dreamtime stories which the students really enjoy.

We are targeting numeracy skills in maths across the K-2 classes. Putting into practice a new system of grouping students according to their numeracy levels, similar to what we do for reading groups. Fun games and activities are used to reinforce key strategies. We are starting with addition using dominoes this week for our learning. Ask your child about their domino game.

The Ocean Shores Art Exhibition is coming up and we are working on a piece based on the theme of Spirit of the Land. They are looking pretty good! Four students in each grade will have their work hung in the exhibition and all the others will be displayed at school.

We are finishing off our lessons on Persistence this week. We looked at the term “exaggeration” and how sometimes we might exaggerate when a task is difficult. We learnt about impossible and difficult and how they are two different things. It was great to see some students do their home task and draw a picture to illustrate these concepts. The message is that if we keep trying and persevere then even difficult tasks can be achieved.

Have a great week, Gae