Banksia Class News

Hi everyone,

The Water Cycle is currently being investigated in our classroom. We are learning about precipitation, condensation and evaporation. Some experiments are planned for Friday to demonstrate how water is evaporated into water vapour and then condensed again to form water droplets. Yesterday we witnessed evaporation as we saw the vapour rising from the wet shade cloth of the sand pit as the morning sun hit it. Where else can you point out condensation to your children? And lets hope we get some more precipitation again soon for our gardens.

Feedback is a concept we have been learning too. Feedback lets us know what we are doing well and what we can do to improve or take our work to the next level. We watched a youtube of Austin’s Butterfly where a boy is given feedback about his drawing. We then looked at our own portrait drawings and gave each other feedback about the parts that looked good and the parts that we could do differently to make them look more realistic. Then we did our drawings again trying to improve on our first efforts. ┬áThis linked in beautifully with our foundation of Persistence and the concept of giving effort and working hard and not being a ‘Lazy Larry’.

I am looking forward to meeting with you next week to share your children’s wonderful efforts at parent/teacher interviews.

Don’t forget movie and pizza night this Friday. Rug up and I will see you there.

Cheers Gae