Banksia Class News

Hi everyone,
I’d like to say a big thankyou to you, the parents of year 1, for supporting me in my role as your child’s teacher for 2017.They have worked really hard all year and I am so proud of all their achievements. Teaching Year 1 is extremely rewarding, as the progress and growth of students at this age and stage of learning is tremendous.

With our visible learning and our bump it up wall the students have seen their own improvement happening with their very own eyes. This has given them real ownership of their learning with the ability to set learning goals and monitor their success.

They have zoomed up reading levels and gone from strength to strength with writing clusters. They have learned in maths through manipulating materials, games, computer programs and group work. They are learning that it’s ok to struggle with a problem and to stretch their brain and grow those neurons, do some deep thinking, have a go, make mistakes and then try new solutions. They know that going into the Learning Pit means that they are learning and growing, not failing. Their creativity is astounding! Budding artists everyone of them!
But the thing I most admire is their growth in self confidence and their willingness to help each other. We have been like a little family of learners who care for and support each other and this makes me a very proud teacher.

Unfortunately, I can not be at Learning Awards Assembly next week as I have to go to Sydney for family reasons. I will be back for the last two weeks of school and look forward to the students having “Their Time To Teach”. I am sending a note home about this today. We will begin the on Monday 4th December. It should be a lot of fun having each child teach us something that interests them.
Thanks again for such a wonderful year :) Gae xx