Banksia Class News

Hi everyone,
Our Swimming Program is coming to an end for another year. Well done to all the boys and girls for showing all five of our You Can Do It foundations during this time by being organised with their swimming gear everyday, persisting and being resilient during those cooler days, getting along with other group members, listening to the swimming teachers and showing the confidence to try new skills and splash out of their comfort zones. Despite the coolish conditions some days, there were always plenty of smiles and excitement around the pool. Great effort!

Our end of year play has been written by Sophie in Year 5. Each class has a part to play in the performance. The Year 1 play a role where they are slightly naughty children at school and then they turn that behaviour around and become more respectful. The students who wanted a speaking part have one line to learn and they all have some group lines and acting to do. We then do a song and dance number! As our characters are school kids we could dress up in more traditional uniforms (not rainbow) and rough them up a bit( I’m thinking Angus Young in ACDC). I’m wondering if op shops sell these kinds of uniforms. Grey and white, shirts and ties, caps on backwards, old school look. What do you think?

Until next week, Gae