Banksia Class News

Hi everyone,

Wasn’t Music In The Valley a wonderful event this year. It was so wonderful to see so many parents helping out with the running of the event. Your generosity of time and spirit is amazing. It was great to see everyone enjoying the beautiful evening in our gorgeous school grounds.

Here is some of the feedback from the kids writing.

The jumping castle was fun because I got to go again and again and again.

I loved the jumping castle the most because it was so bouncy and I felt like I was on a cloud.

There were lots of activities and I liked the football throwing.

I had fun in the petting zoo because there were a lot of bunnies and bunnies are my favourite animal.

In the petting zoo I loved the baby bunnies but they kept on scratching me.

I really liked the jumping castle. It was fun how we raced.

I loved Music In The Valley because there was a rugby passing game and I got paddle pop sticks for getting it through the circles.

I won five dollars in the lucky dip.

In the petting zoo I loved the baby goat best. It made lots of noise and it had smooth fur.

I think its clear to see that the Jumping Castle and the Petting Zoo were the big hits with Year 1.

I wonder what were your favourite parts of the event?

Cheers Gae  :)