Banksia Class News

Hi everyone,

The Banksia’s have immersed themselves in an insect’s world this week as they explore the concepts of addition and subtraction, using information from the food diaries of Sammy and Susie, the very hungry spiders. This investigation also provides opportunities for students to represent and analyse data.

Students made an insect out of clay and nature objects, which had to show the three body parts, then had the opportunity to create a movie using the I-Stop motion app. Thanks to Mr T and his class for helping us with the filming, it was a great collaborative afternoon.

We are also making an information book about many different insects in our writing time.

Our classroom is being deconstructed this week as we are going to have it painted during the holidays! So dont be alarmed when you walk into our bare room The students have helped me to choose a colour and it is going to look fabulous and fresh! Today they are bringing home there art folder which holds some amazing and beautiful art works. You will be able to curate your own little exhibition at home.:)

Enjoy the holidays, rest up, get well and see you next Term, Gae