Lemon Myrtles

It is a quick HELLO from the Lemon Myrtles. We have had a great start of the year. The Lemon Myrtles are settling in nicely to formal schooling. We have been concentrating on our routines, procedures and expectations e.g. lining … Continued

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.   I spent last night reminiscing over the last two years about what we, the Stick Insects, have achieved and how we have all grown. It finally dawned on me that I will … Continued

Sunny Days

Swimming For the past two weeks the weather has been beautiful for our school swimming program. I am delighted and proud to see all of our children having a go and challenging themselves. Our not so confident swimmers last year … Continued

Stick Insects

Hi everyone, Cooking is on Friday this week for Year 3. I can’t wait to taste the yummy treats that Yeni is planning for our class. Notes have been sent home as we do need a couple of parent helpers … Continued

Stick Insects

Hello everyone, Over the last two weeks the Stick Insects have been learning about our Zones of Regulation, meaning we have been discussing strategies that enable us to manage our emotions. Lets just clarify that there are no bad emotions, it … Continued

Hooking in your audience

Close your eyes and imagine you are listening to a story. This is not just any story; it is the world’s most boring story ever. No image is being painted in your mind as the narrator’s voice drones on and … Continued

Term 2 Review

Hi everyone, I cannot believe how quickly Term 1 has raced by. We have had a very productive term. Our Writers Workshop has been a great success and we will be continuing with this next term as well. Our focus … Continued

Welcome to the Stick Insects (Year 3) 2018

Hello everyone, It was wonderful seeing all the joyful faces of the students and parents on Tuesday, our first day back. We have been very busy this week with our Learning How To Learn program. So far we have explored … Continued

Emotional Thermometer

Hi Everyone, The old say ‘making a mountain out of a mole hill,’ is very true for all of us. We all have had moments when we have let our emotions rule logic. Last night I created the Himalayan Mountains, … Continued