Welcome to the Stick Insects (Year 3) 2018

Hello everyone, It was wonderful seeing all the joyful faces of the students and parents on Tuesday, our first day back. We have been very busy this week with our Learning How To Learn program. So far we have explored … Continued

Emotional Thermometer

Hi Everyone, The old say ‘making a mountain out of a mole hill,’ is very true for all of us. We all have had moments when we have let our emotions rule logic. Last night I created the Himalayan Mountains, … Continued

Past and Present

Hello to all our Main Arm community, How can we show that the present is different from or similar to the past? This was the question that I posed to Year 2 this fortnight. After great discussion and brainstorming we … Continued

History Can Teach Us Alot.

Welcome back to week two Term 4. We have started our integrated literacy and history unit, “Families Past and Present.” We have been researching about the past. Zerai will tell you all about it: We have been writing a diary … Continued

Up, Up and Away

After a busy term we have finished our units of work for math and now we can have more fun putting this knowledge into an investigation. So we thought why not have a paper plane investigation. The students don’t even … Continued

Group work and learning

The Perils of Group Work The last few weeks we have been working on our ‘Waggle Dance’ performances. The children have been placed in groups and have been working together to compose a dance, song or both, that informs their … Continued

Busy Bees

Busy as Bees Taking notes is an important skill for literacy. It enables students to develop their reading, writing and listening skills. Note taking also builds concentration. During our information unit we have been mastering the art of taking notes. … Continued

Thinking and Moving

OREO, delicious chocolate biscuit with a creamy filling. However, OREO is not just a yummy, rich treat, it is also a fantastic, rich writing structure. Year 2 have been learning all about persuasive text and have focused on the OREO … Continued

Term 2 off and Running

Hello Bottlebrush families, Week 2 and there are so many things to talk about already. The children have settled back into school and are keen to learn. We had a very successful cross country last Friday. I loved watching Main … Continued