Stack of Cash Maths Project

This term, our Voss schools have been collaborating to trial inquiry based learning in our classrooms. These are learning experiences that are driven by questions generated by students, rather than a teacher. They are designed to engage students’ natural curiosity to … Continued


Great to see all the students back, refreshed and excited about a new term. We began the week with a full day of robotics, which is always an engaging learning experience. Our class has been learning to code all year … Continued

Discovery Day

On Monday, most of our students took the opportunity to engage with the Science and Engineering Discovery Day at SCU. Students were placed into teams and competed to complete a diverse range of STEM focused activities. Students were challenged to … Continued

Genius Hour

The students have been really engaged with their science fair projects this fortnight. It’s fantastic to see such a range of experiments and to witness the excitement when the results come through. Groups growing bacteria have experienced the importance of … Continued


The students have completed the treatment and script for our school film and today we begin auditions for the cast. It’s always exciting to see who gets what role and there is a part for everyone. We always remind the … Continued

Science Fair

Science week occurs early next term and years 3-6 have a science fair planned to celebrate it. Each student must select a project that tests a scientific concept. We have conducted a number of investigations as a class and learnt … Continued


This week, the Ironbarks commenced work on our new class film. Sharan Shostak is leading the project and today we started brainstorming possible storylines. We have a few vague concepts but they need a lot of refining. Over the next … Continued


This term, the class has been asked: “Are all countries equal?” We have been investigating global inequality and poverty across the world. We have explored a number of texts and case studies that explore the life of people in different … Continued


Our Geography/English unit this term has us asking “are all countries equal?” On Monday I handed out some M&Ms to students – one for every year 4 student, two for every year 5 student and 3 for every year 6. … Continued


It’s been wonderful getting to know a new class this year and I have been impressed at how focussed, calm and welcoming they have shown themselves to be. This week we have been preparing speeches for a class debate on … Continued