Ottawa Arrival

Using our mileage (or should I saw kilometreage?) of our five and six times tables, we have arrived in Ottawa, Canada in record time. I think we will celebrate our arrival on the last day of term.  I decided I would … Continued

Bee Condos

Hello, I think everyone survived camp but we certainly have had a lot of absences this week.  The class size has averaged about 14 so far.  It seems to be a tummy bug and head cold that is affecting most … Continued

Camp Fun

I am wishing the Eukkies and everyone else a great camping experience this Thursday and Friday. Next week, week 5, we will finalise our books, prepare for our plays and begin some major problem solving activities in maths. The plays have proven … Continued

Arrival in Amsterdam

We were like the old Concord jet arriving in Amsterdam from Tokyo in record time.  We landed yesterday traveling over nine thousand kms.  We will learn a bit about the country before continuing on our journey.  Luckily, we have several … Continued

Term Three

Greetings, Here is a quick overview of what I HOPE to accomplish this term Spelling:  We will begin to learn about morphemic spelling.  This is simply how prefixes and suffixes can change the spelling of a word.  We will continue … Continued

Parent Interviews

Next week, (week 7), I will be meeting with the Eukkie parents to discuss the progress your child has made during the first two terms. We have been taking a few assessments, but mainly I will be discussing your child’s approach … Continued

Back to Twenty

This week we said good-bye to Jaya who will be attending the Steiner School.  There were many tears and we will miss her.  It is strange how your class changes during the school year.  So far we have said “good-bye” … Continued

Welcome to Japan

After only eleven attempts, we have landed in Tokyo, Japan after ‘travelling’ over 10 754.31 kilometres.  We will rest in Japan for awhile, have a small party and learn a bit about the country. The students have decided they would … Continued

Timetable and Topics

Hello, This week I thought I would share with you the timetable and topics for term two.  Your child has a copy in his/her program but I am sure not many have made it home. In spelling, we are still … Continued

Water, water everywhere

Hopefully, we can have our visit to Spain during the final week of the term.  We have decided to leave it all until Thursday, April 6. First we hope to have the “Running of the Bulls”, followed by ‘La Tomatina’ … Continued