Arrival in Amsterdam

We were like the old Concord jet arriving in Amsterdam from Tokyo in record time.  We landed yesterday traveling over nine thousand kms.  We will learn a bit about the country before continuing on our journey.  Luckily, we have several students who have a first hand knowledge about the country.  Today both Tristan and Taeo told us about the Netherlands with Laima giving insights into nearby Sweden.  How amazing to have such a well travelled class!

Some suggestions for our next port of call have been:  Malta, Bulgaria, Mexico and Rio de Janeiro.

We will be completing our first picture books by the end of next week.  The stories are great but the illustrations could do with some elaboration.

We are also aiming to have our plays completed and presented in week 5.  This is mainly due to the excursion in week 4 taking part of the week.

It is also worth a mention that the Eukkies were practising their breathing without my instruction today.  I came into the room after the first break to find them sitting with their eyes closed and quietly breathing.  Well done, Eukkies!

It would be great if you could practise your six times tables with your child.  We have been working on them in class and we are getting pretty good.  Just call out a problem and let your child answer; it does not need to be written.

Also, some students have already read the three books for the term.  Ask your child how many books he/she has read so far this term.  I am expecting a MINIMUM of three in the ten week period.

Until next time…